A collaborative zine between James Sunderland and Gem Allison, aka UnattainableBlonde

Designed to give small tips of self-care in an actively anti-capitalist fashion, including artwork, meditative techniques, prose and small instructables. 

This zine is available digitally at UnattainableBlonde’s Etsy, where 100% of the profits will go towards The Queery, a small non-profit Queer Bookshop and Library soon to be opened in Brighton.  

This zine has also been featured in StickyFingersPublishing Monthly Mailout, as a tear-out foldable zine with poster (with a donation to The Queery). If you would like to include this zine in your publication in exchange for a donation to The Queery, please contact myself or Gem Allison via our Instagram Pages.

© James Sunderland