Selected Work

A small selection of recent works, published and unpublished. Many of these are available upon request.


Unititled Reading for TISSUE #1, on Monstrosity and Transness, 21st September 2022


In Conversation with Tim Saunders, on the Cornish Revival, and why it’s important to us all, 3rd March 2021

Your Shoulders resemble Velvet, 29th April 2021

No Exit, Huis Clos, 6th May 2021

Old Brown Bear, 6th May 2021

Treaties on Porridge, Orig. Feb 2021, Printed August 2021

No Image Available, Just Speak Nearby, 29th July 2021

Queer Self Care Against Capitalism, 9th August 2021

3 Doses / My Duvet has become a Memento to my Dead Cat, 31st August 2021

St Just Ordinalia Residency, September 2021


Werewolf Bites and Incredulous Subtext:Reviewing Rowling’s portrayal of the lycanthrope in relation to the AIDs epidemicDecember 2020

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